I deem it a matter of great honour and privilege to be heading the South Sector in CISF. It is one of the best sectors from the point of view of operational and administrative efficiencies of the units. The credit for this goes to the officers and staff of the units of the sector, both past and present, who have been working relentlessly to keep up the image and professionalism of the Force.

In line with one of the priority areas outlined by our honourable DG for 2019, certain initiatives are being taken by South Sector HQ to harness technology for improving the functioning of the CISF units and formations. One of them is the development of a portal where all units can communicate relevant and useful information with supervisory formations on a real time basis.

I congratulate the officers and staff of W.A.R. room, SS HQ, Chennai for having conceptualised and developed this portal. If used well it has the potential of revolutionising the way we communicate on a day-to-day basis and of drastically improving the quality of supervision of the units.

I therefore request all the units and their commanders to whole-heartedly support this initiative with their active co-operation, support and feedbacks so that as a team South Sector can become the first sector to boast of such a facility which could then become a model for the Force.